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So fly or drive to our office on GVL's field, located at the TITAN AVIATION BUILDING. . No waiting - we are there just to do to do your FAA physical. If you have any concerns that you have about your medical status and about passing your physical - please call us first and we can usually take care of issues before you get a denial on your FAA medical.


To be prepared for your exam:

1) Bring your confirmation number from the FAA 8500 form you filled out.

2)Please get a letter from that physician treating you that you are cleared to fly based on that problem that you were treated for. Doing all these things will speed up and make your FAA medical a successful one.

3) Bring your GLASSES - if you think you need a new prescription - please see your eye doctor first and get new glasses if needed, before you have your exam.

4) Plan to be at your exam for at least an hour.


6) If you take any medication - please call us 678-943-2941 - before you fill the prescription to make sure it is a "go" medication to fly on - even over the counter .

Exam Fees:

Class I , II, or III - $ 160.00* plus lab and/or EKG ( $ 85.00)

For Complex Medical history or Special Issuance - additional  $ 150.00 charge

For new ability to

UPLOAD your records and tests directly to your chart : 

1-5 pages  $ 25.00 * additional $ 25 charge per each 5 pages 

For Special Issuance assistance and /or consultation - $ 75.00/per hour by phone, text , or in person with nurse


For mailing information,  via FedX with signature - medical records and test  charge based on $50.00 * unless heavier than normal - amybe additional charge to cover.

We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and HSA insurance credit cards **

** A superbill can be provided to give to your insurance company, so your insurance company may accept your exam /payment and apply to your deductible

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